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To conclude the exhibition, we held a panel discussion on how Social Sustainability impacts Environmental Sustainability, the curatorial concept behind 'Sustainable Futures'. 

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

A panel discussion about sharing, caring, and how they contribute to a goal greater than any of us.

Listen: before we even start talking about making moves for the environment, we need to dial it down and talk about us.



How our relationships and the way communities are accepted or othered decides the fate of the planet. How our fears and differences have an impact on the way we approach sustainable practices - and how the micro-decisions we make everyday based on these fears and differences feed into the damaging practices that are threatening our home as we know it.

‘Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?’ will uncover what it really takes to turn the planet around. We’ll discuss:


  • The impact marginalisation has on the environment

  • What a cohesive society actually looks like, and what we can do to get there

  • The consequences understanding, cooperation and trust could have on sustainable development, and

  • How art could play a major part in influencing environmental change

Because, beyond the convoluted government policies and the doomy-gloomy headlines, it starts with us.

Below is an edited recording of the live panel talk available to listen back on Soundcloud.


Anoli Mehta (she/her)

Arooj Aftab (she/her) 

Sarith Ratnayake (she/her) 

Maansi Kalyan (she/her)

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