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As we face increasingly urgent environmental challenges, the pressure is put on individuals to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and it can feel daunting. Introspection calls for time with oneself to practice mindfulness and understand that the key to a healthy society lies within.


Delving through layer after layer to seek the truth within us and connect with ourselves is a challenging task. It’s a life long process that looks different for everyone and you’ll see that each of the artists in this section have a unique approach through various mediums. They are connected by common threads of Hinduism, Buddhism and Mindfulness and the visualisation of their journeys are distinctly different.

Garuda the sun bird, 2023
Sonia Odedra (she/her)
All the Emotions you could not See, 2022
Simran Kaur (they/them)
Dharma: The Absence of Presence, 2022
Shirali Nena Patil (she/her)
Introspection, 2023
Liyaan Elena Khoso Hussain (she/her)
A Nomad, 2023
Liyaan Elena Khoso Hussain (she/her)
Dots & Dashes, 2022
Tanvi Ranjan (she/her)


As we progress with introspection, we begin to reclaim parts of our identity away from the white gaze. What we find is that our generational trauma stem from colonial beliefs and values. Because colonialism tried to replace us with them, when we find and assert ourselves and our identities, some still believe it must be because of western influence. But is it? 


Through installations, mixed media, painting and photography, the artists in this section invite you to take up space and make your mark in decolonising the closet. Woven together are the stories that often go untold of queer, gender non-conforming folk and women from a Punjabi, Bengali, British Indian and Mixed race perspective.

Comfort Eating- Jalebi, 2022
Yasmeen Fathima Thantrey (she/her/they)
Southall Series, 2021
Ashmy Johnson (she/her)
Sari as a Piece of Work, 2023
Ashmy Johnson (she/her)
Inner Battle, 2022
Amina Pagliari (she/her)
Tribute to the Birangona, 2022
Aashfaria A. Anwar (she/her)
A Thousand Eyes, 2022
Raisha Hussain (she/her)
A Woman's Desire, 2023
Raisha Hussain (she/her)
As we are: Mahilas, 2023
Tarrine Khanom (she/her)
Decolonising the Closet: South Asian Queer Narratives, 2023
Aarandeep Sian (they/them)


Most of us grew up trying to distance ourselves from our cultures and who we are. Being Brown meant being different; assimilation sometimes felt like our only choice.  For our parents and older generations, it was survival - sometimes the difference between life and death. We live in a colonial world that dictates rules and binaries that we must follow and fit into. There is real power in choosing a different path - to be a child of the middle: to exist and walk between two cultures. A new safe space for us all. 

Through a vast range of mediums including Textile, Fashion, Photography, Painting, Furniture, 3D Mixed Media, Animation, Product Design and Installation these artists and designers are radically giving life to the fusion of British and South Asian culture. Inspired by the underground South Asian music scene in the UK, from their own life experiences, and craft traditions from India they take you on an uplifting journey and challenge the norm. 

Club Sapna, 2023
Sapna Patel (she/her)
Who Am I: Being Bri'esh, 2023
Mayurkumar Mistry (he/him)
Lost in Translation, 2022
Lily Ashraf (she/her)
Pausing at Eternity, 2023
COVEN by Anchita Potumanchi (she/her) & Kavya Sharma (she/her)
Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 14.14.48.png
Monsoon, 2022
Shivani Patel (she/her)
ꕥrasa.ldnꕥ , 2019 - present
Hena Sharma (she/her)
Threaded Alloys - Home collection, 2023
Apurva Patil (she/her)
Aasana - 'Put your feet up', 2022
Devash Shah (he/him)


Digging into our roots has allowed us to expand our collective consciousness, arriving at the understanding that social sustainability means to learn more about ourselves and each other. It starts from within and expands to our community and nature. It is primarily by collective action that we can challenge systems that no longer serve the people or the planet. 


Entering the final chapter of this exhibition, the artists and designers remind us of the importance of slowing down, exposing the effects of consumerism on the Global South, particularly in Bangladesh. They challenge us to think about what we consider as broken and as waste and remind us that we are after all, a part of nature, not separate from it.

Screenshot 2024-03-07 at 11.42.02.png
Tantu, 2022
Dhara Mansata (she/her)
Fragile - Break it!, 2022
Shruti Brahmankar (she/her)
কমাও - The process of
slowing down
Asa Zaman (she/her)
tukda no sandho, 2022
Saloni Jhaveri (she/her)
Kediyu, 2023
Nitesh Tailor (he/him)
Braid in Bangladesh, 2023
Shuma Begum (she/her)
Ten Year Climate Blanket,
2021 - present
Suraya Hossain (she/her)
Heirloom Temperature Blanket, 2021
Suraya Hossain (she/her)
Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 17.25.50.png
Earth Collection, 2017 - 2020
Suraya Hossain (she/her)
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